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EoVolt Afternoon Foldable eBike 20" Wheels

Eovolt Afternoon 20" Wheel Folding Electric Bike Featuring a front suspension fork that can be locked out at the flick of a switch, the Eovolt Afternoon offers fantastic comfort. Lock the forks out for road riding around town, unlock them for plush suspension on canal towpaths and rougher roads. The suspension is definately a great addition for those intending to ride a lot. Eovolt use a seatpost battery throughout their range. It's an ingenious way of powering your bike without just adding a clunky box onto the frame. The seatpost battery has the added benefit of keeping the battery weight central to the rider, aiding stability. The seatpost battery can be removed easiy to be charged at home or at work. A full charge from epty should take around 5-6 hours as a maximum. There's 5 levels of pedal assistance and you can expect to get around 70-100km of pedal assist depending on ride weight (inc. luggage) and terrain. A lot of our customers purchase an Eovolt Afternoon 20" Folding Electric bike for commuting. It's extremely comfortable to ride and the power of the electric pedal assist is definately a plus after a long day at work! Folding down quickly (10 seconds at most!) it's perfect for a commute that involves a train, bus or tram. It's even easy to pop in the boot of the car and not need to bother with a car rack. Folding down is easy, as is folding back up. A massive bonus of the Eovolt Afternoon Folding Electric Bike is that you can push it while it's folded. Great on train platforms when you want it folded ready to board but have to contend with a platofrm change at the last minute! The Eovolt Afternoon isn't just great for commuting though. We have a lot of customers who purchase one for the motorhome or caravan. Anywhere where storage space is a priority, the Eovolt Afternoon proves just the fit. The Eovolt Afternoon Folding Electric Bike features a high quality aluminium frame so it's really lightweight compared to it's competitors. It also feature some fantastic attention to detail with internal cable routing keeping the design nice and tidy. Other spec highlights on the Eovolt Afternoon include hydraulic brakes, puncture resistant tyres, lights and a rear pannier rack. We think Eovolt have pulled it out of the bag with this one...! The Afternoon's 20" wheels make this a little faster rolling and a little more stable than the more regular 16" wheel folding bikes. Having a slightly larger wheel size has these benefits, though it does mean the Eovolt Afternoon has a slightly larger folded down size too. Check the specs below to check if it folds down small enough for the space you need.

Bike Accessories

  • Bell
  • Lights
  • Lock
  • Mudguard
  • Helmet
  • Tools
  • Pump
  • None




Afternoon 20"


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