KitUp Adventures

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Q: Who is KitUp for?

A: KitUp is designed for anyone who would like to hire outdoor equipment, whether they just want to try something new, whether it’s a new activity or a new type of piece of equipment, or want to be able to continue surfing, for example, while on holiday in Cornwall. It’s a great way to find out if the activity is right before you, before committing to buying. It is also for anyone who wants to earn some passive income from their own equipment, while they’re not using it, and who would like to contribute to letting other people get involved and to a more sustainable economy through reducing waste. Please feel free to invite anyone you think might want to be part of the KitUp community of adventurers

Q: What can be listed on KitUp?

A: You can list any equipment which falls under the categories of the KitUp platform [Bike, Surf, Paddle, Snow, Trail, Camp]. The main focus of the platform is on hard wear such as bikes, paddle boards and skis, but other kit falling under ‘soft’ wear, such as proper outdoor or ski jackets, salopettes, or gaiters are welcome. We would advise only offering items such as these which are outer garments, rather than any bottom layers. The idea is to make more expensive, premium kit more accessible, rather than to advertise every day clothing which most people own. It is in users’ best interests only to list those items they think people will be interest in hiring. Consider whether the condition of that being listed, particularly in the case of that which should be worn, is something you would be happy using. However, no safety equipment (which is relied upon to save the user’s life) should be listed – this includes climbing gear, such as ropes, harnesses, carabiners etc. Only safety equipment, which accompanies the primary equipment should be listed (eg buoyancy aid with a kayak or stand up paddle board).

Q: Are there any rules on what should be listed with certain types of kit?

A: It would be sensible, to encourage users to use the appropriate equipment, to include key accessories as an option, rather than additional hire options. For instance, if hiring out a paddle board or kayak, users should be provided with the option of hiring buoyancy aids, paddles, pumps, or any other peripherals necessary for the activity itself. Similarly, bike hires should include helmets, puncture repair kits. It would be prudent to include key accessories, such as buoyancy aids/life jackets, with kayak or stand up paddle board hires, for example. Remember that not everyone wishing to hire out equipment is experienced. Where key accessories are not offered, please ensure you include information in the listing to highlight this information.

Q: What makes KitUp any different from outdoor hire companies?

A: KitUp’s mission is to help people find new outdoor passions and spend more time outside, and to contribute to the reduction of waste and improving sustainability. To achieve this, KitUp does not purchase and hire out kit directly, but creates a central location that individuals & businesses can share their kit with others, and help people find what they are looking for, without having to hunt across the web.

Q: Does it cost me anything to list my equipment on the platform?

A: KitUp is free to sign up, and to list kit. The only costs incurred are when transactions are made (these are deducted from the hire rate before the profit is returned to the owner listing their kit).

Q: Is there a limit to how many listings I can have online?

A: There is no limit to the number of items you can list.

Q: How much do I need to maintain my listings on the KitUp platform?

A: You only need to edit or update listings as far as there has been a material change to the equipment being offered; for instance, change in availability, price, condition or accessories include. However, it is important to ensure that listing information (including photographs) are accurately representative of the offering to someone wanting to hire from you. This is the best way to ensure everyone gets what they were looking for, and for you to get positive reviews which will attract future users to your service!

Q: Is my location safely hidden on the map?

A: For those who wish to have their specific location available for other users to find easily (business users), the map has been set up to do this. For anyone wishing not to disclose locations with this level of accuracy, you can simply enter in the first half of your postcode or general area, and then provide specific details, privately, to the person hiring your kit (whether this is to meet at your home or in an agreed separate location).

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can hire out my kit?

A: No, you can hire out as many times as you like. In fact, we encourage it, as this is what KitUp is all about – increasing the utility of what has already been produced. So much kit ends up in landfill when it has plenty of life left and could be used by other people.

Q: What’s the minimum and maximum listing value?

A: The minimum listing value is £3 & there is a maximum value of £1,000 for listings. The values are otherwise at the discretion of the owner hiring out their kit.

Q: How does the hire process work in terms of handing over kit for someone to hire?

A: Once a user has found an item they wish to hire and agreed with the owner, and payment has been received, on the agreed date, the person hiring and the owner will meet, at the agreed location. They will then both view the equipment and agree upon the condition, including this information in the pre hire inspection forms, and take any photos which they might want as evidence of pre hire condition. Then, once signed and both parties are happy, the handover takes place. The person hiring the kit will then return it to the owner, at the agreed place and time, and complete the post hire inspection forms to ensure both parties agree that the condition is as expected.

Q: What happens if someone damages equipment they hired from me?

A: This is where the signed pre and post hire forms, and relevant photos, come into play. The individual hiring the equipment has signed the hire agreement, at the point of joining the platform, and agreed to its terms, once again, at the point of finalising the transaction (pre hire). They are bound legally, and entirely responsible for the value of any damages or replacement necessary to return the owner’s property to its pre hire condition. Please see the Terms of User documentation

Q: What’s the best way to advertise my equipment online? Are there any guidelines for describing kit?

A: We would suggest thinking about what you would like to see so that you would be sure you were getting the quality of hire kit you would like to use. So, higher quality photographs, with good lighting, showing a range of different angles of all of the listed equipment are key. Include any information about the make, model, size, purpose. Ensure you include any information around defects (obviously, those which would inhibit the use of the kit, or make it in any way less safe, should mean it is NOT listed on the KitUp platform). Remember some people will be unfamiliar with the kit or activity, as it might be their first time; so providing more information will make potential users feel more confident and ensure they are aware of all the necessary details to make the hire process as smooth as possible.

Q: What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

A: We’re sorry if this turns out to be the case. Our plan is to grow our user base as quickly as possible, so that there is increased access to these activities as soon as possible! If you have any specific locations you feel are underrepresented, please get in touch. It could be something we are working on trying to remedy. Please bear with us, as there may be somewhere new and exciting you could visit which has a strong supply of what you’re looking for! Hotspots on the map are often such because they have the best surfing or mountain biking in the country, for example!

Q: Am I liable if someone injures them self using my kit?

A: As long as kit is fit for purpose, with no defect which inhibit use, there will be no liability for the owner hiring out their kit. Again, this is where the pre and post hire inspection process is key, in that you can ensure both parties agree upon the condition of the equipment prior to any use. Where more complex mechanics, such as in bicycles, are involved, having your kit regularly assessed by a qualified bike mechanic would be a great way of providing confidence to any potential hires. This is something you could include in the listing, so they know the kit is well looked after. Please see the Terms of User documentation

Q: How do I find the best hire rates on the platform?

A: The best way is to identify whether you want to hire out per day or per hour and to then select the price range, using the price slider in the bar on the left, to determine what you are happy with.

Q: Is hiring kit open to people new to the activities? / Do I need to prove any relevant experience to be able to hire something?

A: Hiring kit is open to everyone. However, it is at the discretion of the owner of the listing to decide if they are happy to hire their kit out to someone who makes a request. There is always the option to say no and reject the request. There is a messaging service built into the hire process so both parties can communicate and ensure they are both happy with one another’s knowledge and skill base, prior to committing to the hire. This is also a great opportunity for owners to share any knowledge of techniques or cool trails or SUP spots nearby, for instance. KitUp is about community, so the opportunity to share experiences is very important to us.

Q: Is my information all private?

A: All user information will be kept private, other than public profile information. The KitUp platform also complies with all GDPR rules around data protection.

Q: Is there a limit to how long I can hire kit for, using the platform?

A: There is no limit determined by KitUp. The availability for hires is set by the owner of the listing. They can choose whether hires are on a per hour or daily basis, and they may hire out for as little as an hour to consecutive months. If you have any specific requests, get in touch with the listing owner and see what suits you both. The opportunity to hire out some boards or bikes, for a week or two, at much better rates, during the Summer, is what we’re trying to make possible for more people who want to have an adventure or two.

Q: Can you hire out children’s kit via the platform?

Q: Can you hire out children’s kit via the platform? A: Yes, children’s kit can be hired via the KitUp platform. The hire will be undertaken by the parent or adult caring for said child. The adult completing the hire will be responsible for all stages/considerations of the hire, from the point of agreeing hire to returning the equipment (to the owner) in the expected condition.